Thursday, March 08, 2007

Appeal for Assistance

Following a visit to the refuge center at FOL and discussion with other members of VANGO and Civil Society, a Working Group has been formed to coordinate efforts in assisting those in need following the events over the last 5 days. VANGO is sending this out as an appeal for assistance from NGOs and other members of the Community. Assistance received will be distributed at 3PM on Friday 9th March, 2007.

Please look at the list of things below. If you are able to assist with anything on this list, please contact VANGO. Anyone wishing to donate anything can do so at VANGO.

Visit to Families from Ambrym on 7 March 2007
  • Approximately 110 people living at the X-FOL: 70 men; 34 women, 4 babies
  • Red Cross and Disaster Management Unit has assisted
  • Have one four-element stove to cook; firewood enough for at least two days; at least three saucepans – three buckets for water.
  • Only one large basin to wash clothes
  • Food ok for at least two days
  • Health department not visited as yet.
  • Devotions at 5.30pm.

Needs identified:

4-element stove - kerosene
Washing soap
Bath soap
Toilet paper
Plastic bottles for water
Touch light
Clothes brush
Clothes line
Baby powder
Plastic nappies
Shorts & trousers boys
Mosquitoes Coils

Students from Lycee, Mont Martyr, Anambru and Catherdral primary schools will need support for their school clothings.