Thursday, July 27, 2006

PIMI Courses - C&V and Volunteerism

VANGO has run two more courses this year through the Pasifika Indigenous Management Initiative (PIMI) - a Graduate Diploma Program in Not-for-Profit Management facilitated in partnership with UNITEC Auckland, PIANGO and VANGO and funded by NZAID.

The two courses hosted so far this year were Culture and Values in the Not-for-Profit sector (March), and Volunteerism, Employee Motivation and Management (May). The last course to be held for 2006 will be Social Audit (18th - 22nd September).

The diploma program provides a unique opportunity for NGO Managers and Community Leaders to build on their experiences and improve their capacity in a variety of management issues, including financial management and good governance.

VANGO has been supporting the local implementation of this program for NGOs throughout Vanuatu since its beginning in 2001 and to date there have been, 5 courses have been hosted in Vanuatu with a total of over 100 participants attending the various courses.

The Diploma program requires all course participants to complete 8 compulsory courses and further optional courses in order to be eligible to graduate with a Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management. Participants currently attending the courses represent diverse areas of the NGO sectors including churches, Chief organizations, environmental organizations, rural training centres and women's organizations.

It is anticipated that the first graduate from Vanuatu will complete the diploma course early next year.


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