Thursday, March 08, 2007

Appeal for Assistance

Following a visit to the refuge center at FOL and discussion with other members of VANGO and Civil Society, a Working Group has been formed to coordinate efforts in assisting those in need following the events over the last 5 days. VANGO is sending this out as an appeal for assistance from NGOs and other members of the Community. Assistance received will be distributed at 3PM on Friday 9th March, 2007.

Please look at the list of things below. If you are able to assist with anything on this list, please contact VANGO. Anyone wishing to donate anything can do so at VANGO.

Visit to Families from Ambrym on 7 March 2007
  • Approximately 110 people living at the X-FOL: 70 men; 34 women, 4 babies
  • Red Cross and Disaster Management Unit has assisted
  • Have one four-element stove to cook; firewood enough for at least two days; at least three saucepans – three buckets for water.
  • Only one large basin to wash clothes
  • Food ok for at least two days
  • Health department not visited as yet.
  • Devotions at 5.30pm.

Needs identified:

4-element stove - kerosene
Washing soap
Bath soap
Toilet paper
Plastic bottles for water
Touch light
Clothes brush
Clothes line
Baby powder
Plastic nappies
Shorts & trousers boys
Mosquitoes Coils

Students from Lycee, Mont Martyr, Anambru and Catherdral primary schools will need support for their school clothings.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Trade Zone Opinion Poll

VANGO (Vanuatu Association of NGOs) hemi bin kondaktem wan Opinion Poll long namba 29 blong manis September, 2006. Opinion Poll yia hemi tekem ples long fored blong Nakamal blong ol Chief long Port Vila stat long 3 O’Klok kasem 6 O’klok long aftanun long September 29, 2006.

Mein ting ting blong kondaktem Opinion Poll yia hemi blong tekem tugeta samfala tingting blong ol patisipens we oli stap long Land Summit long isiu blong “Free Trade Zone” long Vanuatu. Hemia nao hemi risol blong Opinion Poll we VANGO I kondaktem:

  • Namba blong olgeta we oli respon: One hundred and seventy six (176)
  • Namba blong olgeta we oli laikem blong luk Free Trade Zone long Vanuatu: Twelve (12)
  • Namba blong olgeta we oli agensem Free Trade Zone long Vanuatu: One hundred and sixty four (164)
  • Percentage (%) blong olgeta we oli laikem blong luk Free Trade Zone long Vanuatu: 6.8%
  • Percentage blong olgeta we oli agensem Free Trade Zone long Vanuatu: 93.8%

General Comment: I gat plante tu we oli kam mbe oli no save kivim tingting blong olgeta forom se oli talem se oli no save inaf long isiu blong Free Trade Zone blong oli save kivim tingting blong olgeta.

VANGO I putum insaed long long leta yia copi blong ol fom we ol man mo ol woman oli saenem.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

NGO Social

VANGO began a new initiative in 2006 to promote dialogue and information sharing within the NGO sector by introducing a monthly NGO social. The purpose of the social is to provide an opportunity for NGO members to meet informally and share ideas whilst also providing an opportunity for NGO fundraising.

The first NGO Social was hosted on May 26th with an impressive number of NGO members in attendance. All are welcome to attend the monthly gatherings, contact the VANGO office for news about the next NGO Social.

PIMI Courses - C&V and Volunteerism

VANGO has run two more courses this year through the Pasifika Indigenous Management Initiative (PIMI) - a Graduate Diploma Program in Not-for-Profit Management facilitated in partnership with UNITEC Auckland, PIANGO and VANGO and funded by NZAID.

The two courses hosted so far this year were Culture and Values in the Not-for-Profit sector (March), and Volunteerism, Employee Motivation and Management (May). The last course to be held for 2006 will be Social Audit (18th - 22nd September).

The diploma program provides a unique opportunity for NGO Managers and Community Leaders to build on their experiences and improve their capacity in a variety of management issues, including financial management and good governance.

VANGO has been supporting the local implementation of this program for NGOs throughout Vanuatu since its beginning in 2001 and to date there have been, 5 courses have been hosted in Vanuatu with a total of over 100 participants attending the various courses.

The Diploma program requires all course participants to complete 8 compulsory courses and further optional courses in order to be eligible to graduate with a Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management. Participants currently attending the courses represent diverse areas of the NGO sectors including churches, Chief organizations, environmental organizations, rural training centres and women's organizations.

It is anticipated that the first graduate from Vanuatu will complete the diploma course early next year.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

NGO Fair

VANGO hosted its second annual NGO Fair on June 16th to promote the work of NGOs throughout Vanuatu and to recognize their valuable contribution to the development of the nation.

The theme of the day was "Tugeta Yumi Wok" - and the day highlighted the importance of various development partners working together for the progress of Vanuatu. The day included an NGO Parade from Trader Vics to the Seafront Stage where NGOs hosted information stalls to inform the public of their various programs. The day included an opening address from the Director General of Internal Affairs Mr Johnson Wabaiat, various activities by participating NGOs and entertainment. An NGO Awards Ceremony was also hosted to acknowledge the work of NGOs over the past year. The NGO Fair was followed by an NGO Social organized by World Vision. VANGO looks forward to making next years' event bigger and better!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NGO Fair and Social

The NGO Fair and Social

The Vanuatu Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (VANGO) is hosting its second annual NGO Fair and Social on Friday June 16, 2006, to promote the work of NGOs throughout Vanuatu. The aim of the day is to raise awareness about NGO programs and activities and to acknowledge the crucial efforts of NGOs in contributing to the development of the country. As the umbrella body for NGOs in Vanuatu, VANGO has the pleasure of inviting all NGOs to be a part of the special day specifically by providing the opportunity for NGOs to raise awareness about their work and recognise the valuable contribution they have made over the past year.

The Program

The NGO Fair will be hosted on Friday June 16 at the Seafront Stage from 8.30am-4:00 pm, followed by an NGO Social (fundraiser) at World Vision from 4.30pm. The theme of the day is "Tugeta Yumi Wok". The main highlights of the day will include a march from Trader Vic's to the Seafront, hosting of NGO information stalls, speeches/activities by NGOs and an NGO awards ceremony. As a part of the day we are asking all NGOs to participate. Specifically, for the march we require you to bring banners and other promotional materials; as well as setting up and hosting a stall for the day at the seafront and providing a 15-minute presentation, activity or speech on behalf of your organisation on the stage during the day.

NGO Awards Ceremony

One of the highlights of the NGO Fair is the NGO Awards Ceremony, to be conducted at 12.30pm at the Seafront Stage. This is a new initiative undertaken by VANGO to not only highlight the vital work of NGOs, but to also acknowledge their important efforts. All participating NGOs will be recognised in the NGO Awards Ceremony.

NGO Social

VANGO invites all NGOs to join the NGO Social (Fundraiser) at World Vision following the closing of the NGO Fair. The NGO Social will be hosted on a monthly basis by different NGOs to provide an opportunity for NGO members and colleagues to meet informally and share their ideas and views, as well as provide an opportunity for NGOs to participate in fundraising to continue to support the work of their organisations.

Friday, May 19, 2006

NGO Social - Farewell to Andrew Stockwood

The Vanuatu Association of NGOs (VANGO) and CUSO would like to invite you to attend an NGO Social on Thursday May 24 starting at 4.30pm at the Nambawan Cafe in Port Vila.

The aim of the NGO Social is to foster greater links and relationships between the NGO community and it is hoped this event will happen on a monthly basis, with different NGOs hosting the social as a fundraising event for their organizations.

To begin with however, VANGO has decided to host the first NGO social in order to bid farewell to Andrew Stockwood - a familiar face of the VANGO team who will be heading back to Canada in a few weeks time.
VANGO would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable assistance and support that Andrew has provided to the NGO sector in Vanuatu over the past few years and provide an opportunity to the NGO community to thank him for his efforts.

Kava and some light refreshments will be provided by CUSO and VANGO.

We hope that you will be able to join us.