Friday, May 12, 2006

Invitation to National Day Blong Ol Woman

Invitation from Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW)

Women around Port Vila will celebrate the National Women's Day on the
15th of May 2006. The Theme for that day is "WOMEN AND THE ECONOMY".

The highlights to this year's programme are the participation of
various Women's groups who will join in a parade from Fung Kuei to
Saralang Stage. Activities for the day are speeches, dances, string
band, dramas, skits, choirs. Food and refreshment will be available
from stalls on site.

The organizing committee of 15th May celebration 2006 would like to
invite you all to join the Parade at 8:00AM from Fung Kuei and the
official opening that will be held at the Saralang Stage.

VNCW is asking everyone to join the Mama's of Vanuatu on this special occasion.

We looking forward for your participation.

Thank you God Bless.

Jenny G LIGO
VNCW CEO for 15th May Committee celebration


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