Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NGO Fair and Social

The NGO Fair and Social

The Vanuatu Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (VANGO) is hosting its second annual NGO Fair and Social on Friday June 16, 2006, to promote the work of NGOs throughout Vanuatu. The aim of the day is to raise awareness about NGO programs and activities and to acknowledge the crucial efforts of NGOs in contributing to the development of the country. As the umbrella body for NGOs in Vanuatu, VANGO has the pleasure of inviting all NGOs to be a part of the special day specifically by providing the opportunity for NGOs to raise awareness about their work and recognise the valuable contribution they have made over the past year.

The Program

The NGO Fair will be hosted on Friday June 16 at the Seafront Stage from 8.30am-4:00 pm, followed by an NGO Social (fundraiser) at World Vision from 4.30pm. The theme of the day is "Tugeta Yumi Wok". The main highlights of the day will include a march from Trader Vic's to the Seafront, hosting of NGO information stalls, speeches/activities by NGOs and an NGO awards ceremony. As a part of the day we are asking all NGOs to participate. Specifically, for the march we require you to bring banners and other promotional materials; as well as setting up and hosting a stall for the day at the seafront and providing a 15-minute presentation, activity or speech on behalf of your organisation on the stage during the day.

NGO Awards Ceremony

One of the highlights of the NGO Fair is the NGO Awards Ceremony, to be conducted at 12.30pm at the Seafront Stage. This is a new initiative undertaken by VANGO to not only highlight the vital work of NGOs, but to also acknowledge their important efforts. All participating NGOs will be recognised in the NGO Awards Ceremony.

NGO Social

VANGO invites all NGOs to join the NGO Social (Fundraiser) at World Vision following the closing of the NGO Fair. The NGO Social will be hosted on a monthly basis by different NGOs to provide an opportunity for NGO members and colleagues to meet informally and share their ideas and views, as well as provide an opportunity for NGOs to participate in fundraising to continue to support the work of their organisations.


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